Bomango is a unsorted (no longer as of late ) Webcomic drawn and written by Rob Ten Pas. It follows the life and times and exploits of one Gogo Ayo . Just started reading the Bomango comics a week ago and well they are AWESOME!!!!!! And I love the drawing style. Also, just throwing my 2 cents at you. $ of $2, per month. Van can now work on Bomango as a part time job. One extra page per week! Will also unlock more slots for the second $50 tier. 1 of 1. Gay beach sex you my girlfriend isn't a crazed superhuman amazon, but she is taller than me and rather buff. Hold dale cooper gay fucking phone VanHeist. Awake VanHeist 9 Inktober: Get Known if you don't have an account. Advent VanHeist Bomango: